About Nia


Watch below for the first ever Canadian Nia DVD, 4 minutes of dance and explanation !!!!!  We are very proud of this.

Following this is a great overview of the Men of Nia weekend in Montgomery Texas in early October, 2011. It was the first time we have had so many male trainers and teachers at one workshop, from around the world.

Nia (Knee-Ah) is an expressive Body-Mind movement and lifestyle practice which holistically integrates fitness and health and creatively blends movements, concepts and philosophies from both Eastern and Western traditions. It is practiced in over 40 countries and is about to celebrate its 30th year.

“Come to class even if you are tired or sad. Move happy, move with energy. Move exhausted, move sick, move sad…..but move” Debbie Rosas

Nia has been referred to as the ‘sneaky workout’ as it feels like simply an hour of dancing and having fun. The moves, while playful and simple to learn, are deceptively efficient at toning muscles and burning calories. It’s a group-oriented workout whose emphasis on expressiveness and pleasure make it the most sensual mind-body workout around today. In a Nia class, students might do a sexy hip-shaking cha- cha one minute and an assertive series of karate-style kicks the next. It is never boring and all that variety keeps the muscles challenged and the heart pumping.

Nia integrates the energies of Dance Arts; jazz, Duncan and modern, with expressions of the Healing Arts; yoga, the works of Moshe Feldenkrais and the Alexander technique, and the Martial Arts; tai chi, tae kwon do and aikido. Dance techniques teach how to move with grace and fluidity. Martial arts and meditative techniques teach mindfulness, a powerful tool for self-discovery. Integrative body therapies and healing arts help individuals understand how to self-heal through awareness and alignment in order to improve physical health. Various psychological tools support the self-guided process allowing students to become empowered and to take charge of their own growth and well-being – a transformational experience in and of itself.

Discover more about Nia by visiting www.nianow.com

People of all ages, body types and fitness levels can benefit from Nia.

It develops greater flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength

It is core-focused and integrates whole-body, expressive, grounded movements

It addresses the needs of the body, mind, emotions and spirit simultaneously

It is adaptable, allowing participants to develop fitness in their comfort zone, based on their own needs, guided by their body’s wisdom

It invites playfulness and creativity into the fitness program

What the Professionals say about Nia

As a mind body researcher and wellness enthusiast, I’ve done every conceivable type of movement practice from tai chi to aerobics. Nia combines the best available methods to provide us with a process that is vigorous, meditative, and above all a lot of fun.” Miroslav Borysenko, Pd.D

Nia has successfully won the hearts and souls of guests at Rancho la Puerta over the past 15 years. The freedom and joy of movement expressed through wonderful music and soulful themes are a highlight of their workout day.” Rancho la Puerta Resort and Spa

What the Press says about Nia

“This lyrical, dance-like routine is deceptively powerful delivering a high-powered workout that will leave you strong and centred.” Health Magazine

“Fitness that slips easily into your life is sure to stick with you.” Self

People quickly learn what movements make them feel good. “Nia incorporates the stillness and concentration of tai chi, the precision of tae kwon do, the dynamic poses of yoga, the fun and excitement of jazz, and the space and balance of modern dance to provide a spiritually soothing and mentally balanced workout. The View

“The class reminded me of those rather special times when safe in the privacy of my own bedroom, I’d find myself swaying to the sounds of my favorite song, hair brush in hand to help with the vocals, lost in the moment and free from all the pressures of life. Vive/UK